a 21-day poetry challenge

for poets and aspiring poets who want to read and write more poems

cross the threshold

between not-writing & writing. it isn’t about inspiration…
it’s about habit, rhythm, & practice.

find a path

to your own work

via contemporary poems & effective writing provocations

even pleasure

writing will feel natural
as you make it a daily habit

with sensitive guidance

on the creative process


for poets and aspiring poets

at any stage
especially those wishing to deepen their daily writing practice
& connect with more purpose

my part.

I’ll email you a contemporary poem & original writing provocation each morning for 21 days, concluding on the solstice or equinox.

at the end, you may submit up to three poems, passages or poetic fragments & receive thoughtful feedback from a guest editor experienced at reviewing work in progress.

“Your assignments and prompts give me the impression that you’re completely tuned into our thoughts—as if all of us participants are connected and riding the same wave, despite being in different parts of the world.” Ameesha Joshi

your part.

read. feel. enjoy generating material for a new poem, passage or poetic fragment each day. train your body and mind to make poetry a true practice.

optional, but why not?

at the end of the series, submit up to three new poems for private feedback from a published poet and experienced guest editor.

keep writing.

believe in your voice.

December 1-21, 2017

journey. on

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“This class was a leap outside my comfort zone, but I loved every minute of it—the daily prompt format was awesome and I was moved by the poems you selected as examples. The line from the class that is going on my inspiration wall is A poem is a place to say things we might not otherwise say out loud.” Kelli Fitzpatrick


we’ll raise your poetry EQ…
this just might spark a love affair with a new-to-you poet.

we’ll establish the foundation for a more sustainable creative life.

up to 21 drafts of poems, by you, to continue working with…to feel proud of.

a deeper experience…through direct feedback from me on 3 of your poems.

grants you entry into my poetry immersion program.
learn more here.

“I feel almost completely free of expectations: my own, yours or anyone else’s during these almost daily writings. They have yielded bits and pieces, scraps of fire and light, and best of all, occasional surprises.” Lisa Colt

q & a

Are there any prerequisites for participation in this course?

The desire to write is all that’s required.

Will I share my work at any point during the course?

My hope is that you’ll use this time to focus on generating new work without worrying about what anyone else thinks about it. You’re also invited to submit up to three new poems for private, hand-written feedback from a guest editor at the end of the course.

What if I have questions along the way?

This course is designed as an independent study, and all that you’ll need is provided in the daily dispatches. If you have technical challenges related to receipt of the materials, you’re welcome to reach out for assistance.

“I have done this program and can attest that it changed how I view writing — that it’s a muscle that needs regular stretching and strengthening, instead of just waiting around for the muse to show up. I am no poet, really, but it was fun and inspiring and my other writing definitely benefited.” Emily Bingham