What Happens When We Make

What happens when we’re a beginner, again, and bring our creativity and sensibility to a process, without any of the expectations or self-judgment that saddles the work we do with an audience in mind? What happens when we make simply because we want to, or because it occurred to us, or because it’s our mode of being in the world?

These are questions I’ll explore over at the journal Culture Keeper in an ongoing series of conversations with artists of various disciplines. I’ll ask them to share the insights, new directions, and pivots that have come from side projects, experiments, and forays into what if.

The first article concerns my own experimentations in the realm of letterpress printing, and how these have impacted the work that will appear in my next book, If August, due out this spring from Alice Greene & Co.

Read the full text of the article here.

. . . . .

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